Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can not vmotion VM The virtual machine is installing VMware Tools and connot initiate a migration operation

When trying to enter a Host into maintenance mode one or more VMs may be stuck in this case we can try and manually vmotion the Stuck VM which may produce the following error.

Currently connected device 'CD/DVD Drive 1' uses backing '[]
packages/4.1.0/vmtools/windows.iso', which is not accessible.
The virtual machine is installing VMware Tools and connot initiate a migration operation

Error on PRDSQLRS01:The operation is not allowed in the current state.
Error Stack
Call "VirtualMachine.UnmountToolsInstaller" for object "PRDSQLRS01" on vCenter Server "" failed.

To get around this without rebooting the Guest VM causing the issue we need to do the following.
1. Disconnect and remove the Host from the Virtual Center (dont worry the VM stays up)
2. Go into tech support console on the host and restart the management agents.
3. Add the Host back into the virtual center
2. Restart the management agents again.
4. Right click on the VM and go to Guest --> End VMWare tools install. wait 30 seconds and try and vmotion it again.


  1. We just restarted the management agents and did the VMware Tools unmount twice. This was also working. Thx for the tip!

  2. VM on which we are facing same issue is on esx 4.1 host which is in cluster. Can you please suggest if we need to vmotion other VM's to different ESX host in cluster leaving behind only this VM on ESX host & then to perform above steps?

  3. No, Restarting the management agents does not impact the running VMs on the host so you do not need to do any vmotion.

  4. Call "VirtualMachine.UnmountToolsInstaller" for object "Server Name" on vCenter Server "" failed.

    I get above error when i try to end vmware tools install.
    I had uninstalled vmware tools from a machine. but now unable to install it back.
    Please suggest

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