Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainfinity File Management Appliance FMA Recall Error

Recently doing testing on performance with the Rainfinity FMA When trying to recall a file that was archived to a Data Domain DD880 using a Multi_tier_stub policy rule of last_modified > 0 days the files are successfully archived to the next tier but any recalls fail with the following error.
An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.

Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.
Although I have not figured out how to recover the files I found the cause is the policy rule of last_modified > 0 . Instead use. last_modified > 1

Another rule with FMA always test your policy on a test share or directory.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can't find vmware-cmd -ash: vmware-cmd: not found

if you try and run vmware-cmd from TSM you will get the following error
-ash: vmware-cmd: not found

In ESXi 4.1 the vmware-cmd command on Tech support mode has been removed and replaced with vim-cmd

instead of vmware-cmd -l use

vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

vmid   Name       DS       File                             Guest OS                Version
322    PRODSQL01    [iSCSI]  PRODSQL01/PRODSQL01.vmx          winNetStandardGuest     vmx-07    

Here is an overview of the new command
Commands available under vmsvc/:
acquiremksticket          get.configoption          power.on
acquireticket             get.datastores            power.reboot
connect                   get.disabledmethods       power.reset
convert.toTemplate        get.environment           power.shutdown
convert.toVm              get.filelayout            power.suspend
createdummyvm             get.guest                 power.suspendResume
destroy                   get.guestheartbeatStatus  queryftcompat
device.connection         get.managedentitystatus   reload
device.connusbdev         get.networks              setscreenres
device.disconnusbdev      get.runtime               snapshot.create
device.diskadd            get.snapshotinfo          snapshot.dumpoption
device.diskaddexisting    get.summary               snapshot.get
device.diskremove         get.tasklist              snapshot.remove
device.getdevices         getallvms                 snapshot.removeall
device.toolsSyncSet       gethostconstraints        snapshot.revert
device.vmiadd             login                     snapshot.setoption
device.vmiremove          logout                    tools.cancelinstall
devices.createnic         message                   tools.install
get.capability            power.getstate            tools.upgrade
get.config                power.hibernate           unregister
get.config.cpuidmask                 upgrade

Can not vmotion VM The virtual machine is installing VMware Tools and connot initiate a migration operation

When trying to enter a Host into maintenance mode one or more VMs may be stuck in this case we can try and manually vmotion the Stuck VM which may produce the following error.

Currently connected device 'CD/DVD Drive 1' uses backing '[]
packages/4.1.0/vmtools/windows.iso', which is not accessible.
The virtual machine is installing VMware Tools and connot initiate a migration operation

Error on PRDSQLRS01:The operation is not allowed in the current state.
Error Stack
Call "VirtualMachine.UnmountToolsInstaller" for object "PRDSQLRS01" on vCenter Server "" failed.

To get around this without rebooting the Guest VM causing the issue we need to do the following.
1. Disconnect and remove the Host from the Virtual Center (dont worry the VM stays up)
2. Go into tech support console on the host and restart the management agents.
3. Add the Host back into the virtual center
2. Restart the management agents again.
4. Right click on the VM and go to Guest --> End VMWare tools install. wait 30 seconds and try and vmotion it again.

Set volume access ACL in Equallogic Command Line CLI

Trying to add ACL to many Equallogic volumes via the GUI is not ideal. When trying to do it via the command line you first need to get a nice list of volume names to use in your set volume access create command. You can run a show volume command as follows.
EQLGRP01> show volume
Name            Size       SnapShots Status         Permission Connections TP
--------------- ---------- --------- -------------- ---------- ----------- -
ESX-PRD-General 512GB      0         online         read-write 4           Y
ESX-PRD-General 512GB      0         online         read-write 4           Y

From the output you can see that the command is cutting the volume name into a second line. This is not helpful if you are about to build your volume select XX access create

Instead to get the volume name on the one line run the following command.
EQLGRP01> su exec pm vol
You are running a support command, which is normally restricted to PS Series Tec
hnical Support personnel. Do not use without instruction from Technical Support.


"ESX-PRD-General-01" 0-8a0906-01ce6a206-521000000094c109    34953pgs  512.01GB RW Base 695878194.2
EQL01*      17476 pages  256.00GB (50%)
EQL02        17477 pages  256.01GB (50%)


"ESX-PRD-General-02" 0-8a0906-c44e6a206-0ca0000000e4c3a8    34953pgs  512.01GB RW Base 695878194.6
EQL07*      34953 pages  512.01GB (100%)

You can then build a series of commands to set the access on your volume with your favourite text editor.
volume select ESX-PRD-General-01 access create ipaddress username ESXCLUSTER1 initiator -65028374 authmethod chap

Get PWWN of RHEL 5.2 server

Here is how to the the world wide name (WWN) or Port world wide name (PWWN) of a Red Hat Linux 5.2 server (RHEL 5.2)
cat /sys/class/fc_host/host1/port_name
cat /sys/class/fc_host/host2/port_name

Friday, March 18, 2011

Find devices that are mapped but not masked

Running out of storage on your Symmetrix DMX or VMAX? try looking for devices that are mapped but not masked with the following command.

#symmaskdb -sid 0969 list no_assignment

Director Identification : FA-9C
Director Port : 1

Devices not yet assigned :


Devices listed by this command are likely cantidates for reclamation although you will need do do your own checking as there are some specific reasons why they may be mapped but not assigned.